"Yeah that’s fucking bullshit, go fuck yourself." Bryce yelled into the end of his cellphone. Seeing the person watching him, his eyes fell on them "What the fuck are you looking at, want a show?" Bryce snarled glaring back at the shadow.


Naomi moved her hair off her face, unfazed by his sudden turn of attention towards her. “I already got it.” she smiled, clapping her hands together. “That’s not a pretty face.” she said, referring to the obvious rage and frustration he showed. 


Oh the girls of Hasting, I’m Landon and us meeting is inevitable.image

Do me a favor and staple all your fingers together.

I dropped my guitar pick in the hole.


I’m sorry. It’s never happened before.


My parents hate you but I kinda miss you so okay.

Yeah, I know but they’re also afraid of me so they can’t kick me out. Works out for everyone.

I dropped my guitar pick in the hole.


Por favor.


I swear, you’re so careless. You have to be careful with these things.

I’m sleeping over, by the way.

I dropped my guitar pick in the hole.


Now I have no idea what to do with my life.


..Do you want me to get it out for you?


Whenever Milly says she’s going to make you have some fun, don’t go along with it - because you end up just feeling more shit than you did to start off with


That’s no way to talk about someone who gave you your first, and probably last, kiss.

Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People


Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People


”..Oh, wow, yeah.That’s the coolest fucking story I’ve ever heard in my entire life. That’s insane. Is it… Can I hear it again, do you have time?”


Yeah, you didn’t hear a word I said, did you?

Coffee and Company | Alaska & Naomi


Alaska took the order of the man who walked up to the counter, jotting it down on a cup and walking back towards the espresso machine. “Listen, I just want to get through this shift without trouble. After this, we just won’t have to work together again-we’ll just not have the same shift. Is that so bad?” She started to mix the drink that the man ordered, trying to keep her voice down so that customers wouldn’t hear and still be heard over the espresso machine to Naomi.

Alaska didn’t particularly want to spend entire shifts at Starbucks being called “hon” and listening to all of Naomi’s church jokes. She was already tired of having to listen to other people call her a slut and the town whore, and at least at work, the people were civil-and if Naomi was going to come in here and ruin everything, Alaska figured that she might as well quit, because, frankly, she didn’t want to deal with Naomi again.

Turning with her eyebrow raised for a moment before calling out the drink in her hand and setting it out for the customer to pick up, Alaska paused. Was she being genuine? Or was this all just an elaborate scheme? Alaska wouldn’t put it past Naomi to concoct a big plan just to fuck Alaska over-but Alaska didn’t want to be rude. She wanted to believe that they can both just get through work without grating each others’ nerves down to nothing. “Sure.”

Naomi turned away, taking the next order. She couldn’t quite tell if Alaska knew what she was up to. It wasn’t a secret that the girl was a genius. However, she also knew about her “whoring” around. If she hadn’t caught on, it would definitely confirm her theory that the girl was nothing but book smart and unfortunately would be to Naomi’s advantage. The only thing that would keep her from going too low was the fact that this was purely for her entertainment purposes.

Naomi shook her head, “No, it’s fine. If either of us thinks we can’t handle the other, then that person switches shifts, no problem. ” she said, basically challenging the other girl. It was a simple game; whoever stayed on the shift would be superior in comparison to the other. At least, that’s how it was through Naomi’s eyes. It was a little childish, but the dark-haired girl liked to think it was playful and in all honesty she didn’t care what other people thought as long as everything went her way in the end. 

The door swung open again, allowing a woman and a rather large group of energetic, noisy little kids inside. Two boys among the kids teased what seemed to be the youngest sister while the oldest sister complained about having to share a drink with her siblings. Naomi’s eyebrows raised before she backed away from the front counter. She picked a small cup from the stack and filled it with water. She sipped it slowly, watching the blond as if she automatically got the message.  ”I think you’ve got this one.” she whispered, giving her a small smile.


Pleasant as ever, Naomi.


How’s your summer going?

That’s me. Pleasant.

Could be better. I’m either inside, so I don’t have to see the rest of you or working, which isn’t too bad.